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A diplomatic collaborative making a difference!



United Global

Kingdoms of AFRICA

 President LaVell Walton (Center Right) visits UGKA volunteers in South Africa - UGKA IMAGES

About Us

The United Global Kingdoms of Africa (UGKA) is a multi-national diplomatic association formed with the intent to restore pre-colonial sovereignty rights for monarchies throughout the continent of Africa.

Founded by the Embo nation's head of state King Bunghane III in 2021, the mission of the UGKA has since extended to advocacy for diaspora wishing to repatriate back to the continent. Moving forward the UGKA looks to make Africa the premier continental power structure for government, economy and technology.


Embo Kingdom youths from the Lorna N Foundation participate with a UGKA local humanitarian mission in South Africa. - UGKA IMAGES

Reference Bodies

The United Global Kingdoms of Africa (UGKA) is governed by five functioning bodies: Click below to learn more about them and how they operate.

UGKA Facts


The UGKA flag and emblem has great significance. The continent of Africa is surrounded by the rock and standard symbol, 22 total to represent 22 nations where the diaspora were scattered to during the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  The flag itself is blue to symbolize the waters to which the diaspora were taken over and to which the same waters that the diaspora will return to the continent. 





Member Kingdoms

Flag of Yahuda non vector.jpg

Reference Nation: Yahuda Kingdom Diaspora

Reference Advocate

UGKA-pres flag.jpg

Seal of the President Director Advocate

Global Reference


United Global Reference

The United Global Kingdoms of Africa (UGKA) has more than 165 registered member kingdoms on roster.

Led by the President Director Advocate, the Commission Reference Advocate is the administrative branch responsible for executing the directive of the Reference Dignitaries of each member nation.

The United Global Kingdoms of Africa is just a piece of the puzzle, explore the world partnership this organization has with many others.


The UGKA Repatriation plan seeks to build private cost-effective communities for Diaspora families seeking to relocate to the continent.



Primary Objectives

"A nation that barters her children for items will inherit a curse but a nation that barters items for her children will be restored."

                                                -African Proverb

  • Relocation of Diaspora to the continent of Africa.

  • Develop an economical agenda that would involve both Diaspora and native Africans working together.

  • Promote a positive narrative abroad and create business as well as educational incentives for Diaspora to return to Africa.

  • Assist  with developing trade skill sets to build a more competitive African man, woman and child.

  • Improve the African Education Model with strong focus on heritage and cultural pride while undoing the colonial yoke. This curriculum will also implement prestigious Western scholarship with emphasis on science, technology, business, banking, medicine and defense functions.

  • Assist distressed communities by building revenue generating centers that will provide jobs and propel these communities out of poverty.

  • Grant continental Africans the same social and economic possibilities as the foreign born national by educating specifically continental Africans on entrepreneurship and then creating and investing in businesses that will be owned and led by African families.

  • Establish autonomous self-sustained, self governed communities for Diaspora exiting the West that would duplicate the American Black Wall Street model void of crime, degeneracy and fatherless homes.

  • Establish a continental currency and encourage the development of African based technology, sciences, medicines, agriculture and defense institutions.

  • Reestablish the monarchial power structure that once ruled the continent before the disruption of colonialism.

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